The Reynolds Family

The Reynolds family legacy is woven into the fabric of Barre. It began with “Reynolds & Son,” the hardware supply store established in the 1870s by George J. Reynolds. In 1899, George passed and his son William took over, continuing to grow the company for the next five decades. Reynolds & Son Industrial Supplies is still in Vermont today.

The Reynolds’ were highly involved in Barre’s civic and community activities. George was instrumental in bringing electricity, the railroad, and telephone services into Barre. William loved his hometown and took a deep interest in the welfare and development of Barre. We are proud that the restoration helps their legacy continue.

The Restoration

William Reynolds loved the home his father built, calling it “the big house.” Members of the Reynolds family lived in the home until 1996, when the last of the Reynold’s daughters passed. The property had its ups and downs afterward, including a case of arson in 2014. It took two-and-a-half years, but the careful work of Karen Lauzon, Trym Chouinard, Eric and Jeffrey, and many others, brought this Queen Anne beauty back to life for all to enjoy.

“The place to have people over”

The family feel of The Reynolds House Inn is what Eric and Jeffrey love about the home— and it’s what they’re excited to bring to all their guests. Whether you’re looking for a place to have Thanksgiving with your family or a weekend away with friends, Eric and Jeffrey want you to relax, find your favorite chair, and have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Things to Do

There are many interesting and exciting things to check out in Barre and the surrounding area: